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Rapid Methods Community Mourns the Loss of Dr. Thomas Montag

Dr. Sven M. Deutschmann and Axel H. Schroeder, Chairman and Administration Manager of the ECA Rapid Methods Working Group, respectively, today informed the RMM community of the passing of Dr. Thomas Montag-Lessing, on Friday, May 18.

Dr. Montag-Lessing was deeply involved in the foundation of the European Compliance Academy's Rapid Microbiological Methods Working Group in 2006 and was – to the end – an active member of the group's Advisory Board. As part of his commitment to the European Compliance Academy, he brought his experience and expertise as a speaker and moderator in many microbiological and pyrogen conferences.

Dr. Montag-Lessing studied Medicine at the Humboldt University in Berlin and specialized in Medicinal Microbiology. After spending some years in research work at the Charité in Berlin, he had been employed at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute since 1990 where he led the Department for Parasitology, Diagnostics and Microbial Safety.

Moreover, he was actively involved in different pharmacopoeial working groups for many years and pushed forward the development of new microbiological methods thanks to his comprehensive expertise – e.g. in the field of endotoxin and pyrogen testing in Germany and Europe.

The Group and all its members will miss him and his innovative contributions and ideas. His death leaves a void that will be hard to fill. In the name of the ECA RMM Working Group and the Advisory Board, we express our profound sadness to his family and relatives.

In memorandum of Dr. Montag-Lessing, I respectfully share the following photograph, which was taken during the initial founding of the ECA RMM Working Group in 2006. Pictured from left to right are Dr. Paul Newby, GlaxoSmithKline; Dr. Christina Bruntner, Pall Life Sciences; Dr. Robert Johnson, Dialogue; Dr. Thomas Lukow, Novartis Behring; Elisabeth Jander, Pall Life Sciences; Mike Edgington, Director for Regulatory Affairs (ECA); Dr. Thomas Mikosch, Centocor; Dr. Klaus Haberer, Compliance Advice and Services in Microbiological; Dr. Thomas Montag, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut; Dr. Sven Deutschmann, Roche Diagnostics; Dr. Ulrich Herber, Concept Heidelberg.


  1. RIP Dr. Montag. There's a need for more public recognition of such doctors.

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