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Pharmig Hosts Rapid Methods Conference in Ireland

On May 14, 2014, Pharmig hosted their Annual Irish Microbiology Conference and Rapid Microbiological Methods (RMM) Symposium and Exhibition.  I had the honor of presenting a number of talks covering the myths of implementing RMMs in a regulated industry, the new PDA Technical Report No. 33, and a case study on using a real-time environmental monitoring technology.

Amy McDaniel, Director of Technical Operations, Pfizer, provided an overview and case study of implementing an automated, growth-based RMM for environmental monitoring, including surface sampling and viable air monitoring. She discussed the installation of the technology in a controlled manufacturing environment and the benefits Pfizer realized. Amy also discussed the role of bioprocess technicians when the technology was incorporated into their routine EM program.

Matthias Fischer, Manager Microbiology/Biochemistry at Eurofins, discussed rapid methods in the microbiological quality control of specialized nutrition products. The validation of an impedance technology to detect Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, Cronobacter, Enterococci and total viable count was discussed. Next, Matthias provided an overview of his work with PCR amplification and bioluminescence technologies.

The afternoon session allowed attendees to visit more than eight different vendor booths where hands-on demonstrations of their technologies and applications were provided.

The meeting provided participants with many opportunities to ask questions, share their own experiences and network with fellow microbiologists who have implemented RMMs i their facilities.  Watch for more raid method conferences from Pharmig in the future.

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