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New paper on viable but not culturable (VBNC) cells and RMMs

Jeanne Moldenhauer has recently published a paper on viability-based RMMs and the types of indicators or markers used in these systems. She writes that some RMMs still rely on the growth of microorganisms, while others are based on viability methods to detect and quantify microorganisms without the need for microbial growth. The use of viability methods has both benefits and challenges, the latter including the potential for obtaining a false positive response (i.e., a viable count from a non-viable cell). A link to Jeanne's paper may be found on our RMM References Page ( under the General Overviews section. The full reference is below:

2010. Moldenhauer, J. Use of a Viability Test Method. Does It Mean What You Think? American Pharmaceutical Review. 13(5): 22-29.

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