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RMM Presentations from PDA Annual Meeting

This year's PDA Annual Meeting offered a number of RMM-related presentations, posters and interest group discussions. Here is an outline of what was covered:

Tuesday, March 16

Session L - Implementation of Rapid Micro Methods

Breaking the Rapid Microbiological Method Financial Barrier: A Case Study in RMM Return on Investment and Economic Justification. Michael Miller, PhD, President, Microbiology Consultants, LLC

Rapid Sterility Testing: A Comparison to USP Chapter 71 Test Methodology. Dawn McIver, President, MicroWorks, Inc.

Session O - Improving the Efficiency of Rapid Micro Methods

Dectected Number of Airborne Particles and CFUs from a Test Chamber; Data Aquired from Simultaneous Measurements by IMD-A Standard OPC and STA-Sampler. Berit Reinmuller, PhD, Senior Researcher, KTH and Bengt Ljungqvist, PhD, Professor or Safety Ventilation, KTH

Recent Issues in Environmental Monitoring. Jeanne Moldenhauer, Ph.D., Vice President, Excellent Pharma Consulting

Poster Sessions

Rapid Detection of Mycoplasma and Mouse Minute Virus during Bioprocess. Jenkuei Liu, Senior Staff Scientist, Life Technologies

MycoTOOL an Approved PCR Test for Mycoplasma Detection. Markus Klinkicht, Marketing Manager, Roche

The Microbiology/Environmental Monitoring Interest Group

The session speaker is Dr. James Cooper, who will present on Endotoxin Contamination Control.

Wednesday, March 17

Session S - Microbial and Viral Control in Biological and Biotech Products

Chicken Egg Vaccine Injector Manufacturing: A Bioluminescence-based Assay to Monitor Effectiveness of Instrument Sanitization After Microbial Challenge Procedure. Claudio Denoya, Microbiological Technical Assessment (MTA) Lab, Pfizer Global Research & Development

Session U - Recent Developments Pertaining to Endotoxins

Development of an Online Endotoxin Testing System. Jeffery Weber, Senior Scientist- PAT Projects, Pfizer

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